Writing for Research: The E-booklet!

For the last two months, I have been posting weekly episodes of “Writing for Research” on this blog, and pretending on Twitter that it was a cliff-hanging serial.  Re-organized, and with some new stuff, the whole content of Writing for Research has now become an illustrated booklet.  We hope this will make it easier to circulate and use.

It’s registered with Creative Commons and can be downloaded and circulated for free.  If you circulate it, please say where it came from, so other people can find it too.To download the booklet as a pdf, please click this link.

Here is the cover:
Here are the contents:

Part One: About Writing
     1. The nature of writing
     2.  Research communication, the social reality
     3. The genres of writing for research

Part Two: How to Write a Journal Article: Practical Steps
     A. The epitome
     B. The argument-outline
     C. The first draft
     D. Revision
     E. Presentation of your paper
     F. Publication

Part Three: The Big Picture
     1. Writing programmes
     2. Why do it? What makes it worthwhile?
     3. Some resources

Note: below are the original posts, in case they are still useful to people who read them earlier.  For new readers, I recommend going directly to the e-booklet, click on the "click this link" above.

Writing for Research, Episode 8

Series II, on writing a journal article, now comes to an end with Episode 8.  We discuss submitting to a journal, and the final stages of publication.  Break out the champagne - slowly!  First click on Episode 8; or click on the "Writing for Research" page title at the top of this page.

Writing for Research, Episode 7

We come at last to the First Draft!  In this episode, still focussed on writing a journal article, I talk about the fine details of producing text, the labour process at the heart of the business.  Then about revision, revision, revision... For this thrilling post, please click here, or click on the "Writing for Research" page link above.

Writing for Research: Season Two Begins!

How to write a research report, in the form of a journal article, is the subject of Season II of my serial "Writing for Research".

The first episode (Episode 6 in the whole series) discusses the foundational steps: the Epitome, and the Argument-Outline.  You can find the text by clicking here, or by clicking on the page title "Writing For Research" on the bar above.
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