This is a list of my papers on different aspects of neoliberalism.  Neoliberalism is not just an ideology.  More importantly it is a powerful agenda of social transformation, driven by the interests of re-shaped ruling classes, and often supported by far-from-rich social groups who are now dependent on privatisations and the corporate economy.  The pursuit of this agenda is generating a more unequal, more competitive and more hostile society, as well as dangerous environmental effects.  I trace effects in areas of social life such as education, gender relations and the family, as well as corporate management.  In research with my colleague Nour Dados, I emphasise the shifts in world trade and the distinctive course of neoliberalism in the global South.

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Expanded and updated:  The poet of Autonomy: Antonio Negri as a social theorist.  Sociologica (Italy, online), 1/2012, doi: 10.2383/36905.

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