Master Builders: thoughts on masculinity research

The journal Australian Feminist Studies (vol. 28, no. 75, 2013) has just published a special issue on masculinity research and debates in Australia.  I have an essay in it: 'Master Builders: Research on Men and Masculinities and Directions for Australian Theory and Practice.'  It discusses Australian work, but reflects more generally on the history of the field and especially southern perspectives.  Here is the opening paragraph, explaining the title:

Research on men and masculinities is not just an academic exercise. It deals with issues of practical importance and widespread cultural interest, which are explored in many media besides research. One of the most striking examples is The Master Builder, by the founder of modern European drama, Henrik Ibsen. This play, first performed in 1892, is one of the great allegories of modern masculinity. It is not quite as famous as A Doll House, and its central figure is not quite as iconic as Nora, whose slamming door at the end of Act III became an international symbol of women's emancipation. Nevertheless, the protagonist Halvard Solness does represent a significant type of masculinity emerging in European modernity. 

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