A Change of Condition

At midnight tonight, 31 July 2014, my academic career comes formally to an end.  I will be retiring from my job as University Professor at the University of Sydney.

This is a moment of personal loss.  I will miss meeting new students and exploring ideas with them; I will miss the shared labour with colleagues, in building teaching programmes and research agendas and making them work.  This has been my working life for 43½ years, at eight universities.

I hope the moment will also be one of renewal - continuing cooperation and friendships, developing the southern-theory agenda, and making new beginnings in intellectual and political work.  I will be re-vamping, not stopping, my working life. ...  You will see the results on this blog.

For some time to come, I will continue to be connected at the University of Sydney, raewyn.connell@sydney.edu.au. The University Senate has kindly appointed me Professor Emerita.

There's an article about my career in Sydney Alumni Magazine.  On 5-6 September I will be giving an anti-inaugural lecture, and there will be a conference/discussion about intellectual work and social justice.  They are free, but please register at these links.  Here are some details:
The chaos of working life.
Picture from Sydney Alumni Magazine                 


For people in reach of Sydney, please come to this event on 5-6 September:

On the occasion of Raewyn Connell’s retirement, the Faculty of Education and Social Work, together with Sydney Ideas, will be co-hosting an Anti-inaugural Lecture by Raewyn on the evening of Friday 5 September in the Great Hall, University of Sydney, from 5.00 – 6.30pm.  “The Knowledge industry and counter-power:  Subversive futures for intellectual workers in neoliberal Australia”.

This will be followed on Saturday 6 September with an all-day conference “Counterhegemonies - intellectual work and social justice in changed times”The topic of the conference will be our historical moment, the current situation of counter-hegemonic movements, and possible ways beyond this time of reaction and violence.  The conference will explore themes addressed in Raewyn’s work, including class, gender, education, and intellectual labour.  This will be held at the New Law School on the main campus of University of Sydney from 9am – 5pm.

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