The Knowledge Industry and Counter-Power: Subversive Futures for Intellectual Workers

Here is the video of my Anti-Inaugural Lecture, on 5 September in the Great Hall at the University of Sydney. About 450 people came to this event, which was also attended by a statue of William Charles Wentworth (a founder) and oil-paintings of many Chancellors.  You will see most of the living participants in the recording on YouTube (LINK HERE) or Vimeo (HERE), or watch below.

The video was splendidly produced, recorded and edited by Fabio Cavadini and Amanda King. My thanks also to: Rebecca Pearse for guidance and materials; Sue Goodwin and Michael Thomson for introducing and chairing the proceedings; the Faculty of Education & Social Work, and Sydney Ideas, for organizing the event; Fran Waugh, Meredith Hall and Jane Harvey for the idea, and making it happen; and Kylie Benton-Connell for the memorable conclusion.

Some of the pictures shown in the lecture have been included in the video; unfortunately others could not be included, for copyright reasons. The video runs for about 1 hour 10 minutes. To keep it to this length, the period of questions and answers has been omitted.
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