The Road of Gender

I’m pleased to announce the publication of a book that will interest Chinese-speaking scholars and students in gender studies and social science, indeed all who have a concern with gender issues.
It’s by Dr ZHAN Junfeng, of South China Normal University in the famous city of Guangzhou.  It is called Xing Bie Zhi Lu: Rui Wen Kang Nai Er De Nan Xing Qi Zhi Li Lun Tan Suo, or, in English: The Road of Gender: An Exploration of Raewyn Connell’s Theories of Masculinity.  Published by Guanxi Normal University Press, 2015.  ISBN 978-7-5495-6592-4.
I have a copy, and it’s an elegant volume, with an unusual and striking cover.  I can’t read Chinese, so I paraphrase Dr Zhan’s summary of the content:
The Road of Gender
Chapter one tells about Raewyn’s life and career.  Chapter two discusses the background of the research on masculinity, in sociology, men’s studies and feminist thought.
Chapter three describes the development of Raewyn’s thought about masculinity, through three stages – beginning to think of masculinity as social practice, locating masculinities in a social theory of gender, and developing a global perspective on the issues.
Chapter four treats main ideas in Raewyn’s work on masculinities, in a more analytic way.  It discusses the core domains (such as the structure of gender relations), the main concepts (such as configurations of practice, and hegemony), and critical receptions of this work, in China and internationally.
Chapter five looks at applications of these theories, especially in literary and cultural studies.  It looks at representations of masculinity in three literary texts, and then in contemporary media and online – with fascinating detail about Chinese popular culture.
Gulp, what can I say?  Thanks Dr Zhan, for this detailed and thoughtful work!  And to everyone else:  Don’t delay!  Get your copy today!  Here is the link to the publisher’s web page:, where one can browse some basic information about the book and make an online order for it.

This book can also be found at Amazon China. Printed version:

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