Gender for Real

I’m delighted to announce my latest book: El género en serio: Cambio global, vida personal, luchas sociales.
It is published by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) – under the auspices of their celebrated gender studies programme (PUEG).
It’s in three parts: 1. Gender dynamics; 2. Men and masculinities; 3. Transsexual women.
I’m very grateful to PUEG/UNAM, to the three translators, and to Emilia Perujo, who organized the project and contributes an introduction to the book.
This is a personal milestone: the first of my books to be initially published in a language other than my native Australian-English.
And to cap it, UNAM has published at the same time the second edition of Masculinidades.  Long live México!
By the way, for those with even less Spanish than I have: the title reads Gender for Real: Global change, personal life, social struggles.
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