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Dear Readers
   I am pleased – and somewhat amazed – to report that half a million page views have now been counted on this website, since it began in 2011.
   Some of the traffic presumably comes from robot web crawlers, but a lot certainly comes from fellow-humans!  I am always pleased when people contact me to discuss something that they have found on the website.
   The page with the largest number of visits is “Masculinities”.  That’s not surprising, as I’m best known internationally as a researcher on this subject.  The page with the fastest growth of visits is “Writing for Research”, the e-booklet that a lot of people have downloaded in the last few months.
   The most visited posts are the essays “Feminism’s challenge to biological essentialism”, and “Transsexual women”, with “Young men, masculinity and violence” coming up more recently.  Of my posts that are not about gender (a majority, believe it or not), the most visited are “Strike at the University of Sydney” and “Conferences and how to survive them”.
   The system counts the countries that visits come from.  Australia and the United States are usually at the top of the list, Britain next.  That’s predictable.  However, considerable numbers also come from Germany, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Brazil, France, and South Africa.  (As the system only counts the “top ten”, I don’t get figures from other parts of the world, unfortunately.)
   I have found this website a very rewarding thing to do.  And since my web skills resemble an octopus trying to play the bagpipes, this could not have happened without help.  I'm immensely grateful to Rebecca Pearse for essential work and good advice, on everything from the design to the detail.
   Thanks to all readers for your interest in the site!
7 May 2016
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