Gender & Power - On a World Scale

Gender and globalization – there’s been a lot of discussion.  We have learnt how global markets and financialization change the lives of women and men locally; how global media spread sexist images and stereotypes; how local gender imaginaries are hybridized with global capitalist culture.

The gender of Empire...

The gender of globalization – there’s less discussion of that.  But it’s important to recognize that globalization itself is a gendered process.  We know that was true of its ancestor, imperialism – carried out by masculinized forces, creating gender-divided colonial economies, and spreading missionary patriarchies.

The gender of empire
Consider now the massive concentrations of men at the top levels of corporate business, state power and military force.  Consider why the huge private fortunes (currently putting US politics in crisis) are sometimes inherited, but never assembled, by women.  Think of the gender-divided workforces of the industries that lead the process of “globalization” – bulk transport, light manufacturing, finance, ICT.

This isn’t the old patriarchy.  But it certainly isn’t the new post-feminist, gender-free utopia!

I’ve written an essay about gender, and especially masculinities, in key centres of global power: the transnational managers, the state elites of the global North, the rulers of authoritarian states, and the oligarchs who control personal fortunes.
...and of Globalization

It's called "100 Million Kalashnikovs: Gendered Power on a World Scale".

It’s published in the first issue of the new series of the famous Mexican journal Debate Feminista, now edited by the Gender Studies Programme at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM-PUEG).

You will find it OPEN ACCESS on the Debate Feminista website here, and on the "Science Direct" site here. 

If you can’t get it from those sites, please send me an email and I’ll send you a copy.  This is in English; a Spanish translation will be online soon.
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