Isolation Diary, days 1 and 2

Dear Readers,

I have just returned to Sydney from a shortened trip to the USA, which was disrupted by the coronavirus epidemic. I have no symptoms, I'm glad to say, but I am a potential carrier, from contacts in airports, meetings, hotels, restaurants etc. So, following public-health recommendations about slowing the spread of the virus, I am self-isolating for 14 days.

Isolation diary, Day 1

Main features: washing travel clothes; packing travel things away; doing travel paperwork; reading news about COVID-19; jetlag. Twitter feed: a solid stream of virus stories - displacing the US election, global warming, the Australian environmental catastrophe, and the general world crisis in everything. Cuisine: anything that needs an absolute minimum of energy to get on the plate. Morale-building reading: back issues of Dykes to Watch Out For; and a fabulous book of poetry, Renny Golden's The Music of Her Rivers, which I found in a little shop in Chicago. Mood: indigo, tempered by jetlag.

Day 2

The same.

Watch this space!
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