Teachers, and Sociologists

 The Journal of Professional Learning, sponsored by the NSW Teachers' Federation, has just published a condensed version of my paper on the nature of teachers' work in schools.  It's available (open access) here: https://cpl.asn.au/journal/semester-2-2021/vital-elusive-and-fantastically-complex-teacher-s-worth . Please be my guest!


Re the future of sociology: Alain Caillé (Nanterre University) and Frédéric Vandenberghe (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) have just published For a New Classic Sociology: A Proposition, followed by a Debate, Routledge, 2021.  It has their "position paper" outlining an intriguing agenda for re-shaping sociology, plus responses by eleven colleagues. I'm a participant in the Debate section, arguing for shaking free of global-North hegemony and building world perspectives: "For sociology: more ambitious, more practical, and definitely polyphonic" (pp. 77-83).


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